Picture of 30

Picture of 12

Picture of 100

What you can't do

  1. The numbers must be stand-alone (not placed with any other numbers, text or graphics.).
  2. No pictures from the web.
  3. Don't post the picture until you're on that number. You can take the photo though.
  4. Repeating numbers. If you take a number of something that repeats (e.g. a house number or table number), then you're not allowed to use another house number for 10 goes. (To stop people from taking a picture of all the house numbers in their road!)
  5. Spelled out numbers. It must be the numerical format.
  6. No manipulations!
    1. Don't modify the picture to make it meet the rules!
    2. Don't alter/move the object to make it meet the rules!
    3. Don't print out/create your own number!

Examples of what not to do

Picture of 175

The picture cannot contain text.

Picture of 25, 17, and 34

The picture must contain only one number.

Picture of 7

The number cannot be mixed with graphics.